Web Design Trends for 2014

saskatchewan seoSmart website owners and website publishers are gearing up for all the new changes that are having a large impact on the Internet. It is a strategic move to attract the new league of mobile users and those who prefer websites with clean content and visual imagery. A lot of professionals believe this is truly the golden age of web design. It is a time that designers are adopting new ideas to capture their visitor’s attention and motivate them to return.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the major web design trends for 2014.

Flat Design

Surprisingly, flat design rules on the Internet. Web design is embracing the flat design. This is primarily due to the introduction of mobile devices on the Internet. Stripping away all of the extraneous elements is a way to improve mobile access for those visiting the sites on their smartphone or the tablet. In fact, many designers find that this approach gives the website a more user friendly feel and looks clean and fresh.

Less Color

At one time, it was thought that a lot of brilliant graphics, would add more style and interest to the web pages on the site. Today, web design professionals realize that it simply complicates viewing the page. A minimalist or clean approach with one or two colors is best.

Respect Mobile Users

Surprisingly, a larger number of people are viewing web pages on their mobile device. Consequently, web design is addressing this fact by focusing on designing web pages that make it easy for the mobile user to access the pages on their mobile device.


Websites are now focusing on offering their visitors original content that is valuable instead of a lot of irrelevant information cluttered with links, ads, and banners.

Videos. People are inherently curious and like to know more about a company. People also like to be entertained. Therefore, web designers are now including short videos with information on the company or products instead of long lines of text.

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The Future of Social Media SEO

Social media is now a major part of our lives linking many people together in one place who may otherwise not have met or perhaps not have any other forms of communicating. The popularity of these sites is largely built around good publicity, word of mouth and its ease of use and perhaps more importantly peer influence, for example you may be more likely to use a site if all your friends and family are using it. Of course all these sites are fully integrated into search engines with SEO in Edmonton (Search Engine Optimization), but is this becoming more and more obsolete?

social-mediaSocial media is now so fully integrated within everyday life we literally can’t walk down the road without seeing an advert with an icon of say Facebook or twitter or even linked in for the more business orientated or us. In fact with the invention of smartphones and apps we don’t need the internet to use the sites and can access them whenever we want wherever we want. So yes you type in Facebook it it’s the number one hit on, for example, google. But is this generated due to its popularity or by clever SEO?? Well let’s look at an example Microsoft Myspace. You put Myspace into google and hey it comes up first hit thanks to SEO. However its popularity died a long time ago with teenagers preferring to use the more sophisticated and user friendly Facebook, proving that it’s not advance back links and hours of work by an Edmonton SEO company that has made such sites popular but its marketing.

An interesting fact to note is if you type “Social Media Sites” into google the first hit is an article on Wikipedia the online encyclopaedia. So I think we can honestly say that, unlike your individual business or marketing sites and so forth, the future of Social Media does NOT depend on SEO but on us the people and how we perceive them.

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